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Thinking of building a new, custom home? Now’s the time of year to get started.  Mendenhall would like to be your builder, and if you sign with us before April 30, we’ll add a Generac whole house backup generator for free*.  To get the details, call us at 937-414-6262.

Power outages can hit at any time.  They can last for minutes – or weeks.

Thunderstorms, ice storms, snowstorms, high winds, trees falling on lines, and even damage from wildlife like squirrels can leave your home without power.

That’s why Mendenhall Builders is so pleased to make this great new offer.  When you sign up with us to build your new, custom home, we will install a Generac whole house generator at no additional cost to you.  That’s a whole lot of added peace of mind.

We will install a Generac Guardian 8 kw generator which provides essential circuit power protection for your home, ensuring the necessities remain powered during an outage.  For free.  This means peace of mind for your whole family no matter how long an outage lasts.

*Offer valid only for contracts signed between March 17 and April 30, 2017.


The Deal

 How can you get this great offer?  Let Mendenhall Builders build your new custom home.  If you sign with us before April 30, you’ll get a Generac Guardian 8kw generator for free*.

 To get the details, call us at 937-414-6262 or email us.

 Remember, right now is the best time of year to get started building your dream custom home. Take advantage of this great offer.


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 About the Generator

Generac OHVI® Engine

Your Guardian Series generator might have to get you through days—or weeks—without utility power. Generac’s OHVI® engine, specifically designed for generator use, provides the reliability to power through the most severe outages.

True Power™ Technology

Best-in-class power quality with less than 5% total harmonic distortion means clean, smooth operation of your sensitive electronics and appliances.

Evolution™ Controller

The next generation of intuitive controllers featuring a multilingual, two-line LCD text display with color-coded, backlit buttons.

Rated for Operation in Areas with Low Natural Gas Pressure

In areas with low natural gas pressure, the Guardian Series 8 kW generator can operate on natural gas pressures of only 3.5” of water column.


All-Weather Steel Enclosure

Our durable powder-coat finish helps make the sturdy, Galvanneal steel enclosure perfect for all weather conditions. It’s also able to withstand 150 mph winds.

Quick, Quiet Exercise Test

Standby generators require a short run-time periodically, known as exercise, to test and ensure the system is functioning properly and ready for an emergency. The Guardian 8 kW self-test runs for only twelve minutes. Choose your schedule – weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

24/7/365 Customer Support

Power outages don’t always occur during normal working hours. That’s why Generac’s customer care call center provides support any time of day or night, all year long. Generac is standing by 24/7, every minute of every day, to answer your questions.

5-year Limited Warranty

Why Choose Mendenhall Builders?

Mendenhall Builders is a recognized leader in the custom home industry in Miami County.  We have built beautiful, custom homes all over Miami County – from Troy to West Milton to Tipp City to Piqua and all over Miami County.

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What Our Customers Say

With so many builders in the business my husband and I couldn't have picked a better one. Mendenhall Builders stands with integrity, reliability, and affordability. We are very satisfied with our new garage and bonus room. So if you are looking for a new project or need any remodeling, you can count on Mendenhall Builders!


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