Insulated Concrete Forms

ICF – is a new home building technology that promises a lot of advantages over traditional building methods.

When you build a new custom home using Insulated Concrete Forms, you could see advantages like:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Greater structural integrity
  • Better soundproofing
  • Fire resistance
  • Termite resistance

Plus, Insulated Concrete Forms give you greater flexibility in creating architectural styles that are much more difficult – and even impossible – with traditional building methods.

And even though your are using state of the art building materials, you can finish your new home with traditional materials like stucco and brick.

Mendenhall Builders is fully trained and certified in the use of Insulated Concrete Forms for building new, custom homes – and not many builders can say that.

Watch our video to see one of our custom homes being built with Insulated Concrete Forms.  You’ll also hear from Dan Hilty, President of Holdfast Technologies and a national authority of Insulated Concrete Forms building.

Video transcript

This is an interview with Dan Hilty, owner of Holdfast Technologies, a distributor of Insulated Concrete Form building supplies.

Dan Hilty: ICFs bring energy efficiency that adds a tremendous payback over time.  There’s a big savings of energy.  You can see anywhere from 50% to 70% decrease in energy cost in an ICF home versus comparable 2 by 4 or even 2 by 6 homes. So energy efficiency is the number one driving force for ICFs.

Instead of building homes that last decades, we’re building homes that can last centuries.  When you’re building with concrete inside the foam you can put any aesthetic look to  the building that you want but it’s going to last a long, long time.

The ICF of today is completely interchangeable with traditional build as far as finishes, both inside and out.  ICFs have fastening strips in them that are embedded in the foam that are actually anchored into the concrete and are part of a web system. Those webs allow any type of physical attachment to the wall as drywall being screwed onto the wall or on the exterior with brick tiles beinig tied to the wall.  You can put stucco, you can put all types of finishes.

Termites will generally not bother an ICF building.  The foam and the concrete – neither one of them provide nutritional value to the termite.  That’s a big advantage for insulated concrete forms.

What we’re doing with insulated concrete forms is we are working on the side of energy efficiency where we’re saving on the quantity of BTUs required to heat the structure. The BTU loss out of an ICF wall is significantly less than out of traditional home building.  With that paying the cost cost then the other benefits like the structural integrity, soundproofing, fire resistance are all values that you get really at no cost.

Bill Mendenhall: If you’re thinking about building a house, you should definitely consider building an ICF house.  Not every builder can work with this product.  There’s a training course involved and you have to get certified to do ICF, so that’s going to set us apart from some of the other builders.  If you’re looking for an ICF builder, we’re trained and we’re certified.

Bill Mendenhall and his team at Mendenhall Builders will work closely with you every step of the way to make sure your remodeling project is exactly what you have in mind. Remember – we are not a giant national builder.  We live in Miami County, we work in Miami County and we are raising our families in Miami County.  We’ll be here for you every step of the way – including long after the job is finished.

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