About Mendenhall Builders

Bill Mendenhall Jr.
Founder & Owner

Bill Mendenhall learned construction skills from working with his Dad, Bill Mendenhall, Sr. from an early age. The home construction company has been in business since 1996, building custom homes in the Piqua, Troy and Tipp City areas.

Bill Mendenhall Sr.

Bill Sr. had his own business for years, specialized in home remodeling and additions, and upon his retirement in 1996 helped his son Bill Jr. open Mendenhall Builders and Contractors. While Bill Jr. owns and runs the company, Father and Son continue to work closely together.

Dan Baisden
Sales & Marketing

Dan joined the Mendenhall Team in 2014, specializing in sales development and marketing of the company. Dan is also an experienced in home construction and assists the team in all facets of the building operation.

Why Choose Mendenhall Builders?

Mendenhall Builders is a recognized leader in the custom home industry in Miami County.  We have built beautiful, custom homes all over Miami County – from Troy to West Milton to Tipp City to Piqua and all over Miami County.

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